The Tutelary Marketing Experience



Who we are and what you can expect.

Tutelary Marketing is an internet marketing company serving strictly local businesses based out of Nashville, TN. When first created, owner Joshua Mackens set out with an innovative goal in mind: to be a light for local businesses in the dark room that is internet marketing. This manifested into business relationships based upon quality, trust and integrity, not on how much money the client was willing to pay.

In Mr. Mackens’ own words, “Our heart is for the local business owner. Because internet marketing is so lucrative for local businesses, ‘experts’ are popping up everywhere and starting their own companies with virtually zero knowledge of the subject. This has put business owners at risk of running into one of these companies and having their money taken from them with no value returned. And these companies don’t have to be small either, some are actually very large.

We wanted to come in and provide something opposite of that. We wanted to be that light in the dark room for local businesses. We wanted to return real value for clients so that their businesses could succeed. We have been able to do that through true expertise in the market place, innovation, and integrity. We provide our clients with a ROI that our competitors can only dream of.

At the end of the day, Tutelary Marketing is that light in the dark room. Bringing not only first class results, but honesty and integrity to the table and translating it into real success. The resulting appreciation our clients show for our approach to their business and its success always makes our jobs worthwhile.”

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The Tutelary Pioneers