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Joshua Mackens

joshua-mackens-picTutelary Marketing President, Lead Local SEO, Local SEO Speaker, & Tutelary Marketing Blogger.

Joshua Mackens retains many different hats in the Tutelary world. He is the owner-operator of Tutelary Marketing and handles the overall direction of the company as well as being the lead search engine optimizer. Tutelary Marketing started out as just an SEO company with Joshua at the helm but has since evolved to take care of the immense variety of needs that their clients have. He is very passionate about honesty, integrity, and providing Tutelary’s clients with the right products for them that frees up their time and allows them to concentrate on other aspects of their business. He believes that marketing doesn’t have to be a headache and that Tutelary is the cure.

So, what does Joshua do when he isn’t bringing unbelievable SEO results to his clients, directing Tutelary Marketing, or speaking to the masses concerning Local SEO? Well, he likes to sit back, relax, maybe watch a little of “That 70’s Show” or possibly even “The Office”. He also likes to play basketball as much as possible, get outside of his cell (office) on exceptionally beautiful days, and socialize with just about anyone and everyone on subjects such as: anything and everything. He has been known to slam down particularly enthralling books in a day and is always taking recommendations. He loves ties and is particularly adept at throwing down the Double Windsor (how about that knot?!). Joshua also believes that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Justin Timberlake, and Tim Tebow make up the celebrity trinity and should go on an entertainment tour which they should let him promote.


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Current Projects

google-code-miniSEO Speaker

Joshua is currently the lead speaker on The Google Code: Cracking The Code seminar circuit.

seo-diceSEO – Lead Optimizer

Besides being the owner and operator of Tutelary Marketing, Joshua is also the Local SEO Lead Optimizer.

typewriterTutelary Blogger

Joshua also shares his knowledge and expertise on current marketing trends on the Tutelary Blog.