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Who is Tutelary Marketing?

Tutelary Marketing is a Local SEO company located in Nashville, TN but serving local businesses all over the United States.

We help local businesses achieve success and unprecedented ROI solely through Local SEO (Google marketing).

At Tutelary Marketing, our passion is local businesses. 90% of the money to be made in the internet marketing world is with big contracts with big corporations. However, our passion and heart for local business is what has kept us working strictly with local businesses over the years and enjoying the work that we do.

Local businesses are easily taken advantage of. We know this first hand. With less personnel, expertise, and time, local businesses are easy prey for internet marketing companies who are only interested in taking your money and acting like they did some work. Local SEO can be hard to track and many companies take full advantage of that. And because Local SEO is so lucrative for local businesses (and in this day and age, a necessity), these dirty companies continue to survive.

When it comes to choosing an internet marketing company for your local business, it’s really a mine field out there.

So, what are you to do?

You need to find a Local SEO company that has the expertise, success, and integrity to help make your local business a success. And not just a success, but THE standout success on Google in your market.

You need Tutelary Marketing.


Nashville’s Best Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company

At Tutelary Marketing, because we only have our hands in Local SEO, our portfolio is extremely strong and our Local SEO abilities excel all other Nashville Local SEO companies.

Local SEO is the most prolific lead generator for local businesses out there. If it is not a part of your marketing plan, you need to add it, plain and simple. Purchasing decisions, by and large, are made on the internet in today’s business climate. As a local business, your customers are looking on Google for your type of services and products more than any other place. Where are you when they’re looking? Can they even find you? It’s time to face the fact that if you aren’t employing Local SEO in some form, you’re not getting the most bang for your buck.

This is actually good news for you as right now is a great time to get started. Local SEO is the present, the future and also happens to be the most cost effective, highest return for your dollar marketing out there right now. Local SEO reaches out to more of your target audience, builds actual trust with potential customers, AND is advertising space you actually own unlike every other type of marketing where you just rent and when you stop paying, you’re evicted. SEO is the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. The icing on the cake is you don’t need a five figure marketing budget to take on the big guns in your market. You just need someone working for you who knows what they’re doing.

90% of people when they look for a local business, use a search engine to find it.

When they search, are you there?


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